A Life of Listlessness

life of listlessness

Minutes passed, hours spent –
whiling time in aimless pursuits.
Mind dawdling in No Man’s Land –
looking for wannabe recruits.

A cursory glance at the clock
A careless flick of the wrist…
Struck with an idea…going, going, gone!
Another bright plan blows up in the mist.

Time killed, buried and converted to fossils –
the passive hour spent stings so sharp.
The world is too fast for me, I think,
Guess what I need is a time warp.

Finally, the timepiece closes its eyelids,
begging sleep to overcome me.
Another day passes in profitless boredom,
and tomorrow’s platter is no sight to see.

Coaxed by the dawn of a new day….
Cajoled by the crack of a new dawn…
The sky looks inviting…but the couch even more so,
As I close my eyes and stifle a yawn.


NISHANK MEHTA  |  24.06.2007