Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures

Have you ever wound up your dreams by dawn
to watch the scarlet robes of the sun turn yellow?
Have you ever felt joy at another man’s rise
instead of envying him for being a lucky fellow?

Have you ever coaxed darkness to lend you its ears
and let stars be privy to your dearest secrets?
Have you ever welcomed rain with a dance of glee
instead of rushing to secure the clothesline it wets?

Have you ever fathered an honourable intention
and played part in the triumph of truth over deceit?
Have you ever permitted pure instinct to guide you
instead of putting your trusted logic in the driver’s seat?

Have you ever shed sanity and pranced like a clown
simply to bring a precious smile on a toddler’s face?
Have you ever lent unconditional help to a seeker
and in return felt the warmth of his grateful embrace?

Have you ever bounced back from a sojourn at the bottom,
and silenced your critics with your stunning comeback?
Have you ever spotted your flaws and tailored them
instead of devoutly documenting what others lack?

Have you ever felt God – as plain, simple divinity,
and not as an effigy draped in saffron or green?
Have you ever tasted success without selling your soul
or jeopardizing your claim to call yourself clean?

Simple pleasures these all – I am sure you will agree –
well within reach, but not quite within grasp.
But the gargantuan monster we have turned life into,
mocks us, bites us and stings us like a wasp.

Our incessant pursuit for ever-eluding success
and our shameless ignorance for these modest delights
have left us stranded at a place where we can have none,
where day only shows up after a spate of endless nights.

Why have we made it all so complicated,
that its so difficult to find a reason to smile?
Where do we look for these simple pleasures,
in a world fuelled by greed and guile?

Let us break away from this material enslavement…
Let us abandon our chase for undeserved fame…
Let us be content in equating our ‘haves’ with our ‘wants’
and not make acing the quests of life our only aim.


NISHANK MEHTA  |  04.04.2008