Its been ages and I still can’t get over it –
That urge – a mad rush – to be with you.
To evaporate and condense again on your skin,
Clinging onto your petals like the morning dew.

Smitten by the warmth and love of your smile,
My poor old heart burns in hellfire.
Chained by reminiscences of unfulfilled love,
Consumed and captured by a deep desire.

I realize I was just an empty cup being filled,
by the fountain of lust that from you had surged.
Craving for the dope that was your raw beauty,
I snort on your memories – helpless and purged.

Memories of your hair falling on my face,
Like a gilded cage – enslaving my mind.
And my kisses enmeshed in your golden curls,
As I let the helix of my passion unwind.

When your lips quivered – wet with wine,
Offering an obvious answer to my temptation…
Our tongues talked in a language without words –
all inhibitions getting lost in translation.

Seeped under your skin – I still wait there…
For you to feel that incurable itch again.
And scratch to find me hidden underneath,
Throbbing inescapably in the walls of your vein.

The trail that your fingers left across my body –
The sheer heat leaving me grazed and singed.
As our bodies became naked fulcrums every night,
Upon which the callisthenics of our romance hinged.

Till I felt the white warm flesh of your arms,
I never knew how fast blood could rush to my head.
And my hormones stood up in rapt attention,
Ready to march – to where that touch of yours led.

I remember being intoxicated by wafts of your smell –
A breath, a scent – too familiar to forget.
I inhaled it as if it was what kept me alive…
That heady amalgamation of perfume and sweat.

You made me conscious of my base physicality –
As you traced my imperfections with your fingertips.
Revelling in forbidden love, as we drank together,
the spoils of the darkness in slow quenching sips.

In the depths of desire, you taught me a lesson –
That nothing in this world was meant to remain single.
It was the oldest decree of mankind and all life itself –
That two contrasting bodies were destined to mingle.

Your innocence was ripped by my nails in your flesh –
My hands coiled like a noose around your soft neck.
Infusing me with poison through your malevolent lips,
you left the ship of my desires in an exquisite wreck.

My nights were punctuated by the melodic rhythm –
Of your heart thumping beneath angelic breasts.
As the mandolin that was your tanned body,
Played soulful songs all through on my requests.

Every morning, before you put on your gown…
An infatuated sun painted your shoulders in gold.
That arousing vision still lingers in my mind…
Your sculpted shadow standing – beautiful and bold.

When you walked out of the shower – wet and dripping,
Silver light reflecting off your bare luscious form…
I struggled to hold onto the mast of self-control,
My libidinous mind ravaged by a sensual storm.

Lacing your chaste curves with my amorousness,
I discovered an addiction that had no cure.
In this sordid play of flesh and fervour,
I unearthed a joy – so unblemished and pure.

And though I have moved on – and started afresh,
Shorn off the yearning I had in my prime.
I still remember you in moments of weakness –
As the girl who bedazzled me once upon a time…


NISHANK MEHTA  |  11.07.2016