I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon presently working at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi as a Senior Resident.

Writing has been a hobby and a passion since my school years – and though quite amateur and unpolished, I have continued writing ever since. It was difficult finding time and inspiration in a gruelling schedule during my under-graduation and post-graduation days; but whatever little I wrote, I managed to catalogue and that is how While the Light Lasts came into being.


I have always found poetry a beautiful and effective way of expressing. I don’t know whether I will ever write the kind of mesmerizing stuff that acclaimed poets write – but writing whatever I can produces a magical feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment and I love that. Nothing in literature can, in my belief, come close to the rhythm and melody of a well-crafted poetry. Though I enjoy all forms of poetry – personally, as a writer, I am a captive of the traditional forms. I love the thrill of watching the words fall in place – like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – finally revealing the soul and intention of the poem as they get ‘solved’ by the reader.


I hope you enjoy going through the blog. Feel free to reach me at mehta.nishank@gmail.com or on Facebook. And remember – no matter what anybody says – words and ideas can change the world….and that’s precisely what we are here to do, isn’t it? Will look forward to comments and suggestions.