Hurricane Hearts



When I found you, I discovered love,
and I felt its divine might unfold.
Trapped in a storm of your fragrance,
My most lofty dreams struck gold.

You stole my breath and blinded my eyes,
you rolled my heart in alleys of fantasy.
Our souls celebrated their glorious unison,
and our minds dawdled in wild ecstasy.

Suddenly, but surely, nature began to stage,
theatrical performances to salute our bond.
Stars began sketching and spelling out words,
as a glittery horizon stretched for ever beyond.

Those little lights that shone in your eyes
Those little curls that surfed in your hair
Those stolen moments in moonlit nights
Those intoxicating smells floating in the air.

It was like a sculpture chiseled to perfection…
It was like music orchestrated by divine hands.
It was like a silken fabric of intertwined desires,
It was like a nymph sleeping on golden sands.

Together we kindled up an eternal fire,
with a flame made from sworn love.
The ground beneath your feet for me,
was a dream-filled treasure trove.

Relationships are known to breed in time,
but untested love is as good as a sin.
Fate always lays our path with hurdles,
to ensure that we indeed deserve our win.

The piercing pain of separation stung,
as we succumbed to cruel twists of fate.
My wounded soul, engaged in a striptease,
begged to crush that wailing wall of hate.

My heart got drowned in an ocean of gloom,
and a chilling silence gripped my mind.
Hollow promises and empty condolences,
failed to resurrect what I had lost behind.

I picked up pieces of our shattered love,
and sealed them with adoration’s kiss.
My eyes then had a tiresome schedule,
as I sorely wept for what had gone amiss.

I loitered in streets of lost memories,
and waited for something to do the cure.
But, ah! the wounds were so deep and real,
and the cause of it so honest and pure.

The entire cosmos whirled in disarray,
with its axis piercing through my skin.
You left me with nothing much to lose,
and strangulated the very desire to win.

I bled out great woe in copious amounts,
and hoped for sunken love to shine again,
A prayer fluttered and took off to heaven,
as my scarred heart yearned for a pacific rain.

Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope,
Sometimes we cry with everything except tears.
A sincere affection has never ever lost a battle,
and whispers of my love fell on those ears.

She returned – and it was utopia in encore,
Light again danced where gloom had been.
The world again sprang up in great applause,
for the greatest love they had ever seen.

Reality became synonymous with dreams –
Resplendent days and celestial nights.
As our love re-emerged like a phoenix,
and perched itself on unreachable heights.


NISHANK MEHTA  |  14.04.2008

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