Middle of Nowhere


middle of nowhere

A thousand thoughts trespassed my befuddled mind,
But my legs simply refused to survive the grind.
Should it be the beaten path that I follow?
Or should I pave a new way across the hollow?

Time nagged me to be quicker in my choices,
But my brain was haunted by unfriendly voices.
Even as I pondered, the fork widened ahead
The unpredictability of life was driving me mad.

With aspirations and aversions in a battle of wits,
The road seemed studded with camouflaged pits.
Future was mocking me with shameless mirth,
A newer person within me was itching to take birth.

Forbearance and fortitude were put to a nasty test
as luck threatened to go for an ill-deserved rest.
Hurdles were conspicuous and hope was bleak –
Too many gorges preceded the epitomic peak.

The ignominy of anonymity stared at my face,
And that precisely is the catch in a rat race.
Even if you pursue glory, and succeed in that,
At the end of it all, you are still a slimy rat.

At last, I stood confounded at the crossroads of life,
Would this road lead to victory or sombre strife?
Even fate seemed to have called it a day,
And only the ghosts of past hovered in my way.

Summoning every inch of courage, I took my first step,
But the next moment, I forged a cowardly escape.
And so, I doubled up before even daring to dare,
Landing up once again in the Middle of Nowhere.


NISHANK MEHTA  |  20.09.2007

War and Peace

war and peace

Streams of blood will flow…
The tortured flesh will squeal out woe.
The accursed reveille will rage a storm,
which will embrace every living form.

No man or mortal shall survive the ‘sacrifice’…
Hell is for sale, gentlemen…name your price.
The chilling shrieks of children will resonate
over the battlefield – cold and desolate.

The trenches dug deep within our chest
Will put lives of many unnamed to rest.
The sun that set may never rise again
As the tearful sky pours down endless rain.

Bodies strewn under the lifeless mist…
Vultures fly down for a lifetime’s feast.
We crave only for flesh and bone…
Men of hate have hearts of stone.

Umpteen olive branches we may give,
But many must die, so that some may live.
All may be fair in war, indeed…
But is war fair? O butchers! Pay heed…


Unless, over madness, better judgement prevails,
And deaf ears hear those desperate wails.
Seek the victory that needs to be sought,
Cease the war that was never meant to be fought.

Opportunity was never known to knock twice,
and not even once where it senses vice.
Absence of war is not always peace –
Harmony and unity are what we wish.

Let the smiles again light up their face,
And the grieving hearts find solace
For never again will those guns breath fire…
Everlasting peace is all we desire.

Let nations wash their bloodied hands
and seek peace over their stolen lands.
Bury the ghosts that shout for battle…
The time has come to prove our mettle.

The world needs healing; all must rise
Lest doom dawns before our helpless eyes.
Let tomorrow mark the arrival of perennial peace
Grab your chance – perform the curing kiss!


NISHANK MEHTA  |  01.09.2007